Monday, April 15, 2019

new etsy listings

Hi everyone-things are moving along well-I just set up a business on Pinterest , added new items to my etsy store
made all the food for easter--cheese pies, tarrales, knot cookies, biscotti----and now I am TIRED-I still have to update Instagram and face book-Maybe tomorrow -I am going to go take a nap but before I do I guess I'll make myself some pasta and tomato sauce-I deserve it. Here is a sample of the new wrist cuffs. Take a look at the etsy store-I really would like some comments-it helps me get better at what I do-Thanks Cynthia
wrist cuff of velvet, silk and glass beads-Lavender Ice $55

Wrist cuff of silk velvet and merino wool felt with bronze beads -so soft next to the skin available on etsy $60.00
This is a fun wrist cuff-haboti silk fabric hand painted by me and glass beads with an Ice Cream Cone Charm. $60 available in my etsy store

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