Monday, July 15, 2019

Due away with Etsy

Well today is a venting day-I am so not happy with Etsy-I have been on Etsy since 2009 and have sold nothing-that's right NOTHING-My stuff is good and priced right just like others that have the same type of things-they have sales and I have O-and etsy was supposed to be for items made by the artist and you can see for yourself there are all sorts of Buy/Sell things not made by the artist and brought in from places like China-my listings are up on August 15 and I will be closing down my etsy store for good-it's not worth it even through it's not that expensive but why should I contribute money to their pockets. A lot of the people on the forums say the same thing-Etsy seems to be trying to be an Amazon but they cannot-they even sent a letter to all etsy sellers that if they made their shipping free(they suggest we raise our prices to incorporate the shipping)we would be moved up in the search ranks-I did that but did not raise my prices and still I am nowhere in the search and there are people that still charge for shipping listed way in front of me-I am not happy and therefore will say goodbye to Etsy-maybe more of use should do the same thing and then maybe they would get the message-probably NOT!!!!

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