Sunday, October 30, 2016

I was recently looking at a bag of holiday candy-you know the kind that are all shiny like glass but are filled with chocolate-anyway the colors were so great that I decided to see if some of the beads I had would be a match-and YES they were-so I created these--have a look-the red one makes me think of red hots and the cinnamon and cherry flavor-the blue one reminds me of mint and it is such a cool color while the pink one-well that one is just so pretty-it reminds me of the strength of women even when faced with a devastating medical event or anything for that matter-I truly love the way the colors play off each other-When I made these I used a magnetic clasp which makes it very easy to put on and take off- take a look and let me know what you think-do you like the color combinations-what is your favorite color and why-I love to listen to the comments and get a feel of just what my fans like-thanks for looking and if you get a chance please like my face book  page        --thank you!
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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hello everyone-it's been a long time and for that I apologize-only excuse is this hip replacement and the physical therapy is killing me-but I will get through this also-someone once said(I don't remember who--it might have been me in another life)BE STRONG AND IT WILL BE GONE---well I am strong but it is  STILL HERE--any way I am working hard on some new pieces of jewelry and will be photographing them this next weekend--the new look is some bib necklaces --take a look and let me know which one you like best- I am going to set up a Judge Me game as soon as I can figure out how to do it on the web--I want to put up three items and some how make it so you can vote for the one you like best-cast the vote with your email address and once the time is over I will let the computer select the email that wins the item-I will then contact you by email to get the shipping address and send it to you--sounds good--all I have to do is figure out how to do it--look for this in about a month-I will post on my facebook page Cynthia & Company Ltd.     on my blog   on my instagram--   Felttoday
hopefully you will find me on one of them--ok so that is all for today-here is a sneak preview of some of my new stuff---
wire crochet with beads

wire crochet with beads

Sunday, March 6, 2016

It has been a while since I last talked to you guys and for that I am sorry-my life has been somewhat of an upset recently but I guess so has yours-that's life I guess but sometime you have to wonder "what did I ever do to deserve this"but I guess it's like the guy who complained he had no shoes until he looked and saw the other guy had no feet-so it could always be worst-that being said I have to be happy about next weekend-It is the Morristown Craft Fair at the armory and I have a booth at it-I am going to show for sale some of my nuno silk felted scarves, some beautiful felted and sinamay hats, some of my crazy handmade jackets and also some very nice felted necklaces and bracelets-I hope you have the time to visit this very nice show-there are so many great artists that show their fine handmade items-I don't know the number of my booth yet as they are given when you sign in but just look for   Cynthia & Company Ltd. in the book of artist--look forward to seeing you there. Good Night!! If you get a chance go on my etsy store and look at some of the items I will feature at the show----      Cynthiaandcompany/

Monday, January 25, 2016

New Website

It has been a VERY LONG weekend-I spent 3 days from 7am to 3am every day to build a new website for my business-I am tired but it was worth it-Please go and see what is new and let me know what you think-I still have to do the merchant accounts but at least you can see what is new-I am tired so this will be short and sweet--Goodnight   Cynthia

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Busy Day

I have been busy the last 6 hours taking pictures of the new work and updating my Instagram, Facebook and Etsy store-I am tired but I wanted to show a couple of picture of the work tonight-I should say this morning since it is 1 am on Thursday and I still have to do the menu for the restaurant-It is Robert Burns Birthday on Monday-You know the Scotish Poet-it's all about the Haggis and Scotch Egg-yes they are on the menu for this weekend-along with Sweed Kettle(Salmon), bashed tatties and neeps(mashed potatoes and mashed turnips)(really quite good) also McKlintock's Lamb Stew, and we have a very special bag pipper Dan Hodge who will be pipping the Haggis in on Monday the 25th of January and Vince Capano will read the Ode to the Haggis-it's quite a show-----anyway back to the new pieces-all are available on my etsy store--
Swarovski Blue Pearl Necklace

Ice Blue Crystal with pearls and silver square beads

Teal Fresh Water Pearl with Turquoise beads

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


I was trying to think of how to begin this new post--well it's been a SHIT day so I could start with "Oh PooP" maybe but that would not be as strong as it can get-soooo I will just say that it has been a very busy and frustrating day filled with a lot of pain--why --because it was the first day of physical therapy on my New Hip that's right I had my right hip replaced.The surgery was very easy-that's because I had the best surgeon on the east coast possible--Dr.Goldman--has hands of GOLD--on the day of my operation he had 6--that's right--6 surgical suits going at the same time-he was like a bumble bee flitting from one person to the other just cutting out hip joints and putting in new ones---the nurse told me I was #6 and he had 6 more to do-Wow-the recovery is not bad either-mine is two months old now and in about another month I expect to be pain free- ok on to something of a happier and more fun note---I have been working on new pieces for the up coming shows--I sent in my application and now I (like everyone else)waits to see if I got in to my first choices--I hope so--I have been making some really nice bracelets and scarves also hats--don't you just love hats--I do! Here are a few of the new pieces-Let me know what you think-I really would like some comments- Toodles Cynthia
 This is a hand painted by me charmuese silk scarf. I used the gutta resist method with fiber reactive dyes and then steam set the colors. It is about 15" x 72" long. The background is a robins egg blue and the motif is of fantasy flowers. The scarf is so silky soft and wonderful next to the body. It is for sale in my etsy store--www.Cynthiaandcompanyltd--- also visit my web site to see all that I have.
The scarf is $175.
The other two pictures are close ups of the same scarf.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

All the pretty bracelets

So I have been working all day on these bracelets trying to upload onto my Facebook, pintress, and etsy store-what a pain in the ass--I am having trouble with my computer-it keeps hesitating , skipping and then going off the page and back to my face page-some times it makes noise and gets very hot and sometimes it even spits out black soot not a lot but enough so I can see it-either I have a virus(probably not) or cat hair is inside the body-NOW I CAN'T EVEN GUESS HOW THAT COULD HAPPEN! Oh well I am going to go to Best Buy and see what they say-OK so I am going to put up some of the bracelets -they are for sale in my etsy store--www.etsy./shop/Cynthiaandcompanyltd or on my website Here are a few of them:
BLUE MOON IN DUBLIN all glass beads wire wrapped magnetic clasp   $68

RUBY TUESDAY  all glass beads wire wrapped magnetic clasp $68

PINKY AND ME all glass beads wire wrapped, magnetic clasp $85

COFFEE AU LAIT all glass beads wire wrapped, magnetic clasp $68

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Hat

Hi everyone-I am not happy now--I was bidding on a hat block on ebay and was sure to win it but the deadline was today a 4pm-I forgot and didn't put any extra bidding power with ebay and of course I was busy with other things when the time was running out soooooo I lost the bid-Poop-I really wanted that block but it was my own fault-well anyway I am almost finished with this NEW HAT I am making out of turquoise sinamay --it is going to be so beautiful I might not want to sell it. Will photo it tomorrow and let you all see it-I prefer to work with felt but my next choice would be sinamay, then silk, than abbacca. All hats are beautiful and so are the women that wear them-so if you want to be beautiful wear a hat- all heads will turn as you enter the room-I promise. Well back to work and see you tomorrow.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year

It's January 3-Sunday night-10pm and all is quiet and Very cold outside-Happy New Year to everyone-My wish for you all is that this new year finds the World a little more tolerant of each other-I hope we can find a way of accepting each other for who and what we are-to not make judgements on each other and to treat each other as we would like to be treated-sounds good-but I guess we are only human(most of us)and coveting what others have is to be expected-not the way to go but no one ever said this was the perfect world-any way I am going to try and do what I can with my small part-I am not making any new years resolutions so I won't be unhappy when I break one of them-that's like setting myself up to fail-Ok so what is new in the fiber world-I am working on some new spring looks for the shows I hope to get into-I will be using Sinamay and Banana fiber to create some really interesting hat-I love hat-and I am so glad that wearing hats is coming back into vogue-I will also have some new jewelry created with the Japanese braiding technique called Kumihimo-you use bobbins wrapped with string that has beads strung on them-then they are attached to a round loom and you weave the beads and string into lovely bracelets and necklaces-I am going to photograph them tomorrow and put some of them up so you can see-maybe some of you will go to your craft store and have a go at it--
How was your Christmas-mine was very nice since my daughter was here with her husband-it was nice to have everyone together-I recently had my hip replaced so I was moving slow but I still managed to get dinner cooked and presents wrapped-One of the guys we know- who doesn't have any family at all- was going to be alone on this special day so we invited him to have dinner and be a part of our family if only for the day-New Year's Eve was the usual crowd at my restaurant-I never make it to see the ball drop in Time Square-this year though I was on the computer buying crochet cotton to make a skirt for my daughter-I found a beautiful picture of a skirt made by a Russian woman-it was very nice but of course there were no direction on how to make it ----sooooo I will have to try and figure it out for myself-I will post a picture of the skirt here and you can see how really nice it is-The Russians are such fabulous crocheters and felters but they don't give good directions--in crochet it is mostly a chart if anything and reading a chart with all the symbols is very difficult for me. Well I guess that's all for now--post those jewelry pieces tomorrow. Well I tried to upload the skirt picture but for some reason it won't post so I will have to try again tomorrow,
So it is January 4th now and I am going to try to upload the skirt picture and I also want to say Happy Anniversary to my beautiful daughter Suzette and her husband Brian-I love you both!!!!