Wednesday, May 23, 2018

What's new-it's been a long time-my fault-I bought a saori loom and have spent a looooong time learning how to set it up -how to warp the loom and how to weave-I looove it -spend hours I should be sleeping--weaving-I have made about 10 pieces of cloth and now I will start to cut them apart(oh no!)and make some awesome garments. As soon as I get them finished I will photograph them and show you-I am making mostly jacket and scarves. Maybe next year when I have enough stock I will jury in to some craft shows and sell them-Yes SELL THEM-then I can buy more yarn and weave more cloth-it's a vicious addictive circle-I imagine there is an AA group for our addiction-I guess it could be worse-I love the feel of wool-the smell of wool and well just wool.I often thought I would like to be a shepardess and have my own flock-but then I read about all the things you have to do with and for sheep and well I decided to buy my wool a the sheep and wool show-by the way I am going to the New York Sheep and Wool show in October-I can't wait-I know I will be spending a LOT of money but well I can't take it with me so why not-Sometimes I wish I had found myself a long time ago when I was young-but then I would't have had the money and the kids were there so I guess it all worked out for the best. Look at Grand Ma Mosses-she didn't paint until she was ancient-I guess I'm almost there-when I am in my studio weaving I have three helpers-Kat, Tabby and Housini are lying on the floor all around me-they are my babies now since my children are all grown and don't need me anymore-but they need me-and it just feels right-it's peaceful and quiet only sound is the clank of the heddles as they go up and down and of course the purr of my cats-I like the peace and quiet-when the wind blow I can hear the music of my wind chimes and that also is relaxing-meditative if you will-well I guess I will go home-I'm at work now and it's almost time to quit. I will try and write soon(It won't be a year)
my outside cats

Tabby and Houdini
Playful Kitty

Katrini the Alpha cat