Thursday, December 18, 2014

Early Morning!

Ok so it's early morning(5:30 am) and I decided now was the time to put up these new coasters I made-it all started when a guy who works for me kept asking for coasters with the middle finger as the motif(I didn't want to do it) he asked for about three years--so I guess I figured make them and he will LEAVE ME ALONE-so I did-people saw them and kept asking "will you make some for me"-the monster was created and so I have chosen to put them up on my face book page and offer them for sale- I am selling them for $5 each or 4 for $16--not a bad deal-the coasters are 4" x 4"- the house reserves the right to select the colors but you can choose to have the words "Shit happens Deal with it" or no words-the coasters are made of food grade poly foam dense-the figure is cut out and applied and in some cased painted on-some moniters will show the colors differently but I use Brown/Taupe, Dark and Light Blue, Orange/light orange, black/white, Plum/lavender, Orange/Yellow, Lavender/Pink- One color is the front the other the back--You can place your order by sending me a comment and then I will contact you via email-don't forget to give me your email address--and that is my early morning-I would like to wish you a Happy, Healthy and Safe Christmas and hope you spend it with the One You Love-Cynthia

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Blue Baby Blue

Did I tell you how much I love Hats--well I do--I love making them, wearing them and sometimes selling them---I just got a new hat block for a facinator hat-that's a sort of cocktail hat--I'm in my blue challenge now so here are some of the beautiful blue ones--
Ok so let me know what you think- oh and here is a sneak peak at what's new for 2015--got to love a beautiful hat!!!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Tap Handles

We have a restaurant- it's actually a Brew Pub- we have great beer and great food- It's called The Gaslight Brewery and Restaurant- anyway my son Daniel is the brewer and he is really great-the beer he makes is very good and has won many awards- to that being said I made some tap handles out of fimo clay-they are not to shabby if I do say so myself-What do you think? The first one is for the Summer Solstice-that's a great beer---the next one is an elephant- that's for the IPA-India Pale Ale, also a great beer. The next one is for the Enkle Bitter( and ankle with a dog chewing on it) - this is a Belgian single -a lightly hopped beer with fruity overtones- and the last one is for the Perfect Stout and it is that --Perfect- Now that I have wet your appetite for some of the finest beer in the East stop by and have a pint- 15 South Orange Avenue, South Orange, New Jersey. See Ya!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

So I know it's been a long time since I wrote but yes I have an excuse-I was heavy into the holiday craft show I had lined up and it was busy there-it takes a lot to set a show up and then you have several days you have to be there but it is worth it. My shows are over now and I will take a short break and then I have to start to prepare for the Spring shows-It looks like I will be doing about 30 shows this next year-Wow-I will be doing some traveling-Tennessee, California, , New York State, Virginia and Maryland. I ordered 5 new hat block molds from England and am so excited to get them-I have 3 new cloche brim molds and a great wide brim for a very special occasion -Like the Kentucky Derby-I am going to create some of the very best hats I have EVER made-keep a close watch to my facebook page to see whats new( Cynthia and Company Ltd.)Don't forget to like my page-thank you in advance for that.
This is just a peek at what's to come! Like it-Midnight blue merino wool felted into a cloche shape-Lime green and black feathers with a crystal broach .Stunning .
This one is really beautiful-Black and turquoise merino wool is felted into an extended cloche-embellished with black silk chiffon, peacock feathers and a crystal broach. That is enough to wet your appetite and keep you coming back. Enough for now - time to get some sleep and start fresh tomorrow-I will spend the whole day working on HATS - love it!!!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Babies At Play

It's been a little while since I last wrote to you all but I have been so busy. You can't imagine how much time kittens take up. Really it's like having babies-they eat, they poop, they sleep and they want to play. I think I have found really good homes for two of them and am working on getting forever homes for the other two. I guess I am very selective as to where I place them. After all I went through the time, effort not to leave out the money and I want to make sure they will get homes where they are truly loved. That means an adult home(no kids). It's not that I am against kids, but these little guys are babies them selves and need attention. They are not toys to amuse a child. Well enough of that. I also would like them to be inside cats. Ones that are not allowed to roam the neighborhood and get hurt or sick. I have an inside cat and she stays inside the house always-climate controlled and everything-she has a good life. But even though that is what I want for them it is ultimately the right of the new parents to decide-I can only hope I choose the right parents for them. I know you all think I am the crazy cat lady-maybe I am- So I have gotten into the Morristown craft show in October and I am excited.I will be my first fall holiday show and -well- I hope the people like my hats and handbags. I also plan to bring scarves, earrings and headbands. Wish me luck! I am sending a video of the kitten at play. So until the next few days go by I will write again and show you some of the new items.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Was it the right decision

Now you see I have been feeding the feral cats that come to my back door for about 6 years now-yes your are right-I have created a monster. More and more cats come-it's like they put up a sign on a tree that said"go to the Cat Ladies house for dinner". I keep feeding them and I trap them and get them "FIXED" then I let them go. There is one bitch I can't catch-she is too smart and she keeps getting pregnant and so there are more and more babies-They are a problem because as soon as they can eat food she brings them to the LUNCH WAGON-my house and now I have more-it seems like the story goes on and on-Well now I have another problem-since I put food out for the cats at night the raccoons have found the CAT LADIES house and they also stop by for a meal-I HATE RACCOONS- so now I have been trapping them and my husband takes them to the forest far away from our home and lets them go-Back to the point of the right decision-This bitch had another litter of 4 kitten-2 week ago I saw her laying in front of the shed nursing and playing with the 4 kittens-a week later she stopped feeding two of them and only took care of the other two. The two she stopped feeding found their way up the stairs to the food that was on the deck-they started living under my grill-they were small enough to get through the bottom panel so they could be inside the grill where we keep the charcoal-any way I was afraid that the raccoons would kill them so I caught them and brought them to the vet-she said they were about 6 weeks old but very under weight-they had flees and worms-eaten from the inside and the outside-disgusting-so she gave them medicine and I brought them home-now I am cat momma! They are eating, drinking and using the litter box-Yes-now about the other two-the vet told me to capture them also so they will have a chance to get adopted and have a forever home-so I did-that was not easy-they were living in a wood pile in the back yard and I was afraid that if I moved the wood the wrong way it could tumble like a house of cards-the first one was no problem-I picked it up by the back of the neck like the vet showed me-but the other one was hissing and trying to scratch me-what a job I had-of course I was wearing a thick leather glove but I still wasn't sure it could not bit through the glove-now you have to know that they are so small they don't weight more than .8 of a pound-that's what about 14 oz.-not much bigger than a large burger-so anyway I wasn't going to let a little squirt like that beat me so-Yes-I finally got him or her and now they are going to the vet tomorrow-I'm not sure that taking the other two kitten was the right decision-yes I could have left things alone and she would have taken care of them-(why she abandoned the first two I don't know-so I was saving their lives and they are so sweet)but then they would have been wild-wild cats don't have a long life span and they are constantly fighting the elements and hunger not to mention all the dangers the night brings with raccoons and dogs-so I have to keep reminding myself you have done the right thing in giving these small lives the chance at a forever home-to be spoiled and loved and cared for like every living thing deserves-They will be better off in the long run. So there-I have answered my own question-now I must find loving homes for 4 beautiful kittens before they steal my heart even more and I wind up with 5 cat in my house-I already have one very spoiled one and she doesn't share well-thanks for listening-maybe I can get a picture of them and post it tomorrow. Till then Goodnight all!!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

So Little Time

Well here I am again-I know it's been some time since I last spoke to you but I have been busy creating new and exciting designs in beaded bracelets for the up coming shows this fall-I have also been working on some really pretty handbags-The handbags are made by knitting the bag and then felting it-after I have the size and shape I embellish it with embroidery and beading-all of the handbags are lined and have magnetic clasps-I am going to put a couple of pictures up with this blog but you can also see all the works at my etsy store-
Check it out and leave a comment.
Red Bead with Pearls

This bracelet is made with red glass lampwork beads and pearls-there is also some cut glass bead and 6/0 beads.I also used 20 and 22 gauge silver plated wire to do the wrapping.
Turquoise and emerald green with pearls   
This bracelet is made with turquoise and emerald green lamp worked beads with pearls and dark silver metal beads. There is a shamrock bead at the center and I used 20 and 22 gauge silver plated wire to do the wrapping. The clasp is magnetic.
This bag is hand knit and then felted-embellished with a knit flower and
beads for the stamens. The bag is lined
This handbag is 12 inches tall to the top of the handle.


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Pre Show Schedule Super Sale

I am getting ready for the Fall show schedule-I do about 12 show where I sell my handmade wearable art-everything from felted handbags, felted hats, wrist warmers, silk scarves, neck warmers, shawls, wire crochet jewelry and some children's things as well like baby booties, headbands with flowers, sweet little pocketbooks in bright colors and even hand painted silk ties for men. I will keep you updated as to when the sale will take place and how to place your orders. Please remember I do mostly one of a kind items-so if you see something you like don't wait to long-I really hate to disappoint anyone-anyway confidently the sale will be the week after Labor Day-Here are a few of the pieces you will be seeing:
Jade & Turquoise 
Lavender Merino Wool
Hand Painted Silk Tie

Thursday, August 7, 2014

I Felt Like It

Hot Pink Merino Wool w/ Pink & Multi Color  Beads

Today I felt like making some new earrings so I got out some of my merino fiber and started to make some ball shapes which I then turned into oblong shapes as I wet felted the fiber in some hot soapy water. I kept the shapes about an inch or so long so I could then embellish them with beads which I did by using a long needle with some FireLine in a smoke color.It's made by BeadSmith company and is very good for working with beads in this way. I use size .006 and a beading needle. So I kept stabbing through the felt ball until I got the look I wanted. I also added beads at the top and made a beaded handle so I could attach it to a pair of leaver back earring posts. All you have to do is bend the round piece at the bottom of the leaver back a little open, slip the handle into the opening and close it up again. For this you will need a needle nose pliers or a flat nose pliers. It is a really easy project and you could make any color earring you want. I am going to try and upload a picture of what I did but sometimes this program doesn't cooperate with me so we will see what happens. Tomorrow I am going to design a dress for my daughter. I'm not sure what it will be yet. I do know I'm going to use some Nuno felting, and silk chiffon. At least that is the plan right now. Tomorrow--well that remains to be an unknown but the joy will be in the journey--so check back tomorrow and see where I wound up. Goodnight for now.
Plum Merino Wool w/ Purple Glass & Wood Beads
Peach Merino Wool w/ Yellow & Green Glass Beads

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Good Day Bad Day

Today was a really great day--It was a Girls Day Out--My daughter Sue and I drove to New Hope, Pennsylvania and did lunch, went shopping and had a nice day together. We don't get to many of them she lives on one coast and I live on the other. It's been that way for the last 15 years and I am really tired of it. I miss her a lot. She could maybe be the best thing I have ever done. I guess I had a little help but we won't go there. We also went to Flemington , N.J.-I can't believe how much that has changed. There used to be so many shops that carried hand made item--now most of the stores are empty or are only commercial products. How sad-I guess it's a sign of the times. Well anyway we had a good time. The bad part is she goes back to California tomorrow and I will be sad. But there is always SKYPE. I made a really nice hat for her -blue wool crochet, then felted and embellished with blue silk flowers, and some beading. The hat looks really pretty on her. Well I'm tired and I have to get up early to drive her to the airport so it's good night for now, but tomorrow I will be working on dying some silk in preparation for a series of Water Color silk painted scarves I will be showing this fall at the shows I have lined up. Good night for now.
My Beautiful Daughter

Monday, August 4, 2014

New Day Old Problem

Well a new day an old problem-I have RACCOONS-miserable, nasty, smelly and all together problematic-I have tried everything out side of poison(which I would not do) to get rid of them-no dice buddy-and don't buy those stupid ultrasonic contraptions that are supposed to rid the world of rodents and pest-they DO NOT WORK. I am now going to get a high powered water gun and fill it with ammonia-some one told me that if I shoot them with it they will go away(I know that if someone shot me with it I'd go away). Oh well-soon they will post a picture of "Ma Kettle and her side arm-Philip" in the newspaper-That will be moi. Any way on the more fun side of things I have a little needle felted mouse "Fifi" to show you that I made for my daughter Sue for Valentine's Day this year. I had a lot of fun making her. Take a look and let me know what you think. She is 7 inches tall and quite a lady. I will have more to say tomorrow so Good Night for now.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Felting on a Rainy Day!

Today is one of those rainy, dreary days but that's ok- more of a reason to stay in and work on my felting-(as if I really needed a reason)I made two handbags from a pattern I got off the internet-I'm sorry but I can't remember where they came from-but they are the cutest things. They are in the shape of a bird house and I thought I would send them to my friend Jeff's two little girls-I know they will be so happy but I still have to needle felt two little robins to go on the top. Here is a picture of the handbags and later tonight, when I finish the baby birds, I'll send a new message so you can see them. I am really sorry I can't remember who made this pattern but thank you so much for doing that.You know doing this blogging stuff is not easy. At least for an old broad like me that grew up light years ago, well not really-they just didn't have computers like they do now and the mechanical brain for a computer needed a room 20 x 20 feet just for the guts of it-but then most of you out there would not know anything about that(you are the lucky ones)anyway I am learning just not as fast as I would like to but I will continue to try. If you have any suggestions for me fell free to make a comment and I will be glad for that. So today after I finish the two little birds I am going to make a fig and pear tart and probably roast a chicken and then work on a nuno felted scarf I want to make. Well I guess that's all for now.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Hello! This is the second addition to my blog-I wanted to speak to you everyday so I only have 15 minutes to get this in for today or it will be tomorrow-or something like that. I guess I should tell you I have a restaurant-a large restaurant-I am the Executive Chef there-Yes I have a lot of interests-Food and Fiber-all things that make me happy-it really isn't that simple-I have a hard time deciding which hat I want to wear so I don't-I spend as much time as I can on both. It doesn't allow for so much sleep but then well sleep is sleep-non productive-but then in sleep can come creativity. Have you ever awoke and just had to grab some paper and write down the design you saw in a dream-I have-and it is in color-exciting and draining! Well I am tired now so I will have to try and get back to that place I was last night before I woke up this morning. I know it doesn't make much sense now but it will in the morning. Goodnight until tomorrow.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

First Time Blogger - WHOOPPEE!!

Well, off on another adventure today - the World of Blogging!  We shall see what this will bring, now won't we. 

I am filled with the need to share (even if you don't want to hear it) all that is happening in my world of "Fiber, Felt and Tea".  This won't be the only topics of conversation, as I have much to share.  But at least I needed to list some of my passions - so I thought - why not these three!  I hope to give you a rabbit's hole view of my wild world....I promise a funky ride - so come along and we'll have fun!

Since this is the first of many entries, I will keep it short and sweet today.  I will leave you with a glimpse of future posts.

I LOVE TO COOK!!!  Today, it was Chana Masala - the house is now filled with the aroma of sweet Indian spice, making my head swirl and the imagination wonder.  Here is the recipe for you to try if you so desire.

Chana Masala    serves 6 with a little left over
2 T. of olive oil
3 medium yellow onions diced medium
1 clove garlic minced
3- 15 oz. cans of chick peas drained
2 - 28 oz. cans of Muir Glen Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes
1/2 c. of Chana Masala Spice Mix(I like it spicy-you can get this at a Indian Spice store or google for on line buying)
1 - 8 oz. package of Paneer Cheese 1/2 inch dice
1t. salt
1/2 t. ground black pepper
Ok. First use a heavy bottomed casserole pot-about a 4 qt. pot-
add the oil and heat til the oil shimmers and is hot-next add the garlic and onions and saute until golden brown-next add the Chana Masala Spice and stir(don't worry if it is very thick-just don't burn it)Now add the 2 cans of diced tomatoes and the 3 cans of chick peas and stir in-add the salt and black pepper-taste to see if you need more salt or black pepper to you taste. Let this simmer uncovered for about 15 minutes-stiring once in a while. Add the diced Paneer for 1 minute to heat - I like to serve this over Jasmine rice.

Ok-so now you have it-remember you can do it if you read the recipe twice and go slow!! Good Luck-and don't forget to let me know how you made out-