Thursday, December 18, 2014

Early Morning!

Ok so it's early morning(5:30 am) and I decided now was the time to put up these new coasters I made-it all started when a guy who works for me kept asking for coasters with the middle finger as the motif(I didn't want to do it) he asked for about three years--so I guess I figured make them and he will LEAVE ME ALONE-so I did-people saw them and kept asking "will you make some for me"-the monster was created and so I have chosen to put them up on my face book page and offer them for sale- I am selling them for $5 each or 4 for $16--not a bad deal-the coasters are 4" x 4"- the house reserves the right to select the colors but you can choose to have the words "Shit happens Deal with it" or no words-the coasters are made of food grade poly foam dense-the figure is cut out and applied and in some cased painted on-some moniters will show the colors differently but I use Brown/Taupe, Dark and Light Blue, Orange/light orange, black/white, Plum/lavender, Orange/Yellow, Lavender/Pink- One color is the front the other the back--You can place your order by sending me a comment and then I will contact you via email-don't forget to give me your email address--and that is my early morning-I would like to wish you a Happy, Healthy and Safe Christmas and hope you spend it with the One You Love-Cynthia

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Blue Baby Blue

Did I tell you how much I love Hats--well I do--I love making them, wearing them and sometimes selling them---I just got a new hat block for a facinator hat-that's a sort of cocktail hat--I'm in my blue challenge now so here are some of the beautiful blue ones--
Ok so let me know what you think- oh and here is a sneak peak at what's new for 2015--got to love a beautiful hat!!!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Tap Handles

We have a restaurant- it's actually a Brew Pub- we have great beer and great food- It's called The Gaslight Brewery and Restaurant- anyway my son Daniel is the brewer and he is really great-the beer he makes is very good and has won many awards- to that being said I made some tap handles out of fimo clay-they are not to shabby if I do say so myself-What do you think? The first one is for the Summer Solstice-that's a great beer---the next one is an elephant- that's for the IPA-India Pale Ale, also a great beer. The next one is for the Enkle Bitter( and ankle with a dog chewing on it) - this is a Belgian single -a lightly hopped beer with fruity overtones- and the last one is for the Perfect Stout and it is that --Perfect- Now that I have wet your appetite for some of the finest beer in the East stop by and have a pint- 15 South Orange Avenue, South Orange, New Jersey. See Ya!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

So I know it's been a long time since I wrote but yes I have an excuse-I was heavy into the holiday craft show I had lined up and it was busy there-it takes a lot to set a show up and then you have several days you have to be there but it is worth it. My shows are over now and I will take a short break and then I have to start to prepare for the Spring shows-It looks like I will be doing about 30 shows this next year-Wow-I will be doing some traveling-Tennessee, California, , New York State, Virginia and Maryland. I ordered 5 new hat block molds from England and am so excited to get them-I have 3 new cloche brim molds and a great wide brim for a very special occasion -Like the Kentucky Derby-I am going to create some of the very best hats I have EVER made-keep a close watch to my facebook page to see whats new( Cynthia and Company Ltd.)Don't forget to like my page-thank you in advance for that.
This is just a peek at what's to come! Like it-Midnight blue merino wool felted into a cloche shape-Lime green and black feathers with a crystal broach .Stunning .
This one is really beautiful-Black and turquoise merino wool is felted into an extended cloche-embellished with black silk chiffon, peacock feathers and a crystal broach. That is enough to wet your appetite and keep you coming back. Enough for now - time to get some sleep and start fresh tomorrow-I will spend the whole day working on HATS - love it!!!!!