Friday, August 1, 2014

Hello! This is the second addition to my blog-I wanted to speak to you everyday so I only have 15 minutes to get this in for today or it will be tomorrow-or something like that. I guess I should tell you I have a restaurant-a large restaurant-I am the Executive Chef there-Yes I have a lot of interests-Food and Fiber-all things that make me happy-it really isn't that simple-I have a hard time deciding which hat I want to wear so I don't-I spend as much time as I can on both. It doesn't allow for so much sleep but then well sleep is sleep-non productive-but then in sleep can come creativity. Have you ever awoke and just had to grab some paper and write down the design you saw in a dream-I have-and it is in color-exciting and draining! Well I am tired now so I will have to try and get back to that place I was last night before I woke up this morning. I know it doesn't make much sense now but it will in the morning. Goodnight until tomorrow.

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