Sunday, August 3, 2014

Felting on a Rainy Day!

Today is one of those rainy, dreary days but that's ok- more of a reason to stay in and work on my felting-(as if I really needed a reason)I made two handbags from a pattern I got off the internet-I'm sorry but I can't remember where they came from-but they are the cutest things. They are in the shape of a bird house and I thought I would send them to my friend Jeff's two little girls-I know they will be so happy but I still have to needle felt two little robins to go on the top. Here is a picture of the handbags and later tonight, when I finish the baby birds, I'll send a new message so you can see them. I am really sorry I can't remember who made this pattern but thank you so much for doing that.You know doing this blogging stuff is not easy. At least for an old broad like me that grew up light years ago, well not really-they just didn't have computers like they do now and the mechanical brain for a computer needed a room 20 x 20 feet just for the guts of it-but then most of you out there would not know anything about that(you are the lucky ones)anyway I am learning just not as fast as I would like to but I will continue to try. If you have any suggestions for me fell free to make a comment and I will be glad for that. So today after I finish the two little birds I am going to make a fig and pear tart and probably roast a chicken and then work on a nuno felted scarf I want to make. Well I guess that's all for now.

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