Thursday, February 21, 2019

Hi everyone-I know it's been a long time since I last wrote and I don't have a good reason-well maybe-I am setting up a new website-more modern. It's not easy to remember how to do it even though I have Yahoo sitebuilder and I have so many new things to offer in my merchant store and on etsy. I have been weaving and creating clothing and wall hangings also working on some very special nuno felted shawlettes-very exciting stuff that I will be photographing over the next 3 weeks and then uploading to my website and Blog. I hope you will comment and let me know if you like what you see. Getting started with online selling is not as easy as one (me) would think. But I will make it. Not much more to say but here are a few examples of new work. Thanks for looking and let me know what you think. Later...... Cynthia
This is a hand beaded wrist cuff using seed beads & ribbon

This is a hand beaded wrist cuff. I have included a mother of purl shell center.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

What's new-it's been a long time-my fault-I bought a saori loom and have spent a looooong time learning how to set it up -how to warp the loom and how to weave-I looove it -spend hours I should be sleeping--weaving-I have made about 10 pieces of cloth and now I will start to cut them apart(oh no!)and make some awesome garments. As soon as I get them finished I will photograph them and show you-I am making mostly jacket and scarves. Maybe next year when I have enough stock I will jury in to some craft shows and sell them-Yes SELL THEM-then I can buy more yarn and weave more cloth-it's a vicious addictive circle-I imagine there is an AA group for our addiction-I guess it could be worse-I love the feel of wool-the smell of wool and well just wool.I often thought I would like to be a shepardess and have my own flock-but then I read about all the things you have to do with and for sheep and well I decided to buy my wool a the sheep and wool show-by the way I am going to the New York Sheep and Wool show in October-I can't wait-I know I will be spending a LOT of money but well I can't take it with me so why not-Sometimes I wish I had found myself a long time ago when I was young-but then I would't have had the money and the kids were there so I guess it all worked out for the best. Look at Grand Ma Mosses-she didn't paint until she was ancient-I guess I'm almost there-when I am in my studio weaving I have three helpers-Kat, Tabby and Housini are lying on the floor all around me-they are my babies now since my children are all grown and don't need me anymore-but they need me-and it just feels right-it's peaceful and quiet only sound is the clank of the heddles as they go up and down and of course the purr of my cats-I like the peace and quiet-when the wind blow I can hear the music of my wind chimes and that also is relaxing-meditative if you will-well I guess I will go home-I'm at work now and it's almost time to quit. I will try and write soon(It won't be a year)
my outside cats

Tabby and Houdini
Playful Kitty

Katrini the Alpha cat

Thursday, September 14, 2017

A Prayer

Here I am again-It's Midnight and I just got home-the restaurant wasn't very busy today-It has been a bad year for restaurants-every one is down in the numbers-big chain restaurants are closing sites, retail is very iffy to say the least but at least we have a business, a place to live and our lives-the people in the south who have just gone through the worst times of their lives-well what can words do now-how can we pick them up and restore their belief in their world-about the only thing(and the most important one)

  1. is Prayer-prayers to the lord to help them carry this burden and some how come out of it and be stronger-I will pray the Lord will give them strength and that through the many donations from good and caring people will bring them home safely. Ok enough of this sadness-It has turned hot and humid-I guess that comes from the hurricane but I also heard on the telli that their is snow in the north west-what extreme ends of the scale-I finished working on my website-I added a new page-Hats For Cats by Isadora-I put a radio button on the page and with a click of your finger on the mouse and you will be transported to the Etsy store to see what is new and now for sale-that's right-you can buy one of the most beautiful hats for your(or a friends)precious baby Kitty-Let me know what you think about the new line-and come and visit me at the Morristown Armory on October 20-22-I don't have my booth number as of yet but as soon as I do I will put it on my show page-I'm doing a couple of show in New England and will post the information as soon as I have it. I'll say GoodNight for now.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

It's Been A Long Day
It's been a loooong day-I did get a lot accomplished but it's still been long. I first did the inventory for my restaurant so I would know what I had to get at Restaurant Depot-then I made the menu for the special for the weekend and made the recipe cards for the kitchen cooks-then I took 103 photos (yes 103) of the new Hats For Cats Store on Etsy-I had to crop them all and then upload 3 new ones for the website-

This one                                            
                                                              This one                                                    
and this one-Then update the actual web site
and put a link to the etsy store at
I also put some information on my Facebook page at
I was very very busy and I am now tired so I won't have much to say except GOOD NIGHT and please check out my website =leave a message and visit the etsy store
Hats For Cat-you will love them--(I hope)
Later....Cynthia signing off!!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Hello Hello Wake Up

Hello Hello-Wake up Yes it's Me-I know it's been a long time-Well I am sorry -no real excuse-just work and Life-it all got in the way-but hey-I'm here now-so well I have a new site I would like you to look at-I have designed Hats For Cats-Yes that's right-Hats For Cats by Isadora- it's on my etsy shop and you can see all that is new-Just go here  and you will see everything that is new. I have a very large cat family-thirteen in all-some inside and some outside-with all those kitties I had to design a wardrobe for them and what better way to start but with a hat and then a scarf and then of course some jewelry-yes I have some necklaces and they are really cute. My daughter calls me the "crazy cat lady"(she says that with love) I do love cats-all sort of cats-but it does get expensive feeding all of them and of course I have gotten all of them Fixed!So here are a few pictures so you can decide if you want to look at the rest of them-and maybe buy one-of course for one of your special kitties.
Pretty Hot Pink Hat(model not included)

Yellow Daisy Cat Hat(Model not included)
This is a Hat with a feather(the model is a tea cup not included)

This is one of the necklaces for a cat(just love it)
I know this is short and sweet but it is 2:30 in the morning and I have to go to work tomorrow so I will try and see you tomorrow or the next day. Have a look and tell me what you think. See Ya-By!
I will try to set up a link to take you to the etsy shop just click on this word  OZ.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

I was recently looking at a bag of holiday candy-you know the kind that are all shiny like glass but are filled with chocolate-anyway the colors were so great that I decided to see if some of the beads I had would be a match-and YES they were-so I created these--have a look-the red one makes me think of red hots and the cinnamon and cherry flavor-the blue one reminds me of mint and it is such a cool color while the pink one-well that one is just so pretty-it reminds me of the strength of women even when faced with a devastating medical event or anything for that matter-I truly love the way the colors play off each other-When I made these I used a magnetic clasp which makes it very easy to put on and take off- take a look and let me know what you think-do you like the color combinations-what is your favorite color and why-I love to listen to the comments and get a feel of just what my fans like-thanks for looking and if you get a chance please like my face book  page        --thank you!
#beadedjewlery #redbeads #bluebeads #handmadeJewlery

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hello everyone-it's been a long time and for that I apologize-only excuse is this hip replacement and the physical therapy is killing me-but I will get through this also-someone once said(I don't remember who--it might have been me in another life)BE STRONG AND IT WILL BE GONE---well I am strong but it is  STILL HERE--any way I am working hard on some new pieces of jewelry and will be photographing them this next weekend--the new look is some bib necklaces --take a look and let me know which one you like best- I am going to set up a Judge Me game as soon as I can figure out how to do it on the web--I want to put up three items and some how make it so you can vote for the one you like best-cast the vote with your email address and once the time is over I will let the computer select the email that wins the item-I will then contact you by email to get the shipping address and send it to you--sounds good--all I have to do is figure out how to do it--look for this in about a month-I will post on my facebook page Cynthia & Company Ltd.     on my blog   on my instagram--   Felttoday
hopefully you will find me on one of them--ok so that is all for today-here is a sneak preview of some of my new stuff---
wire crochet with beads

wire crochet with beads