Wednesday, January 13, 2016


I was trying to think of how to begin this new post--well it's been a SHIT day so I could start with "Oh PooP" maybe but that would not be as strong as it can get-soooo I will just say that it has been a very busy and frustrating day filled with a lot of pain--why --because it was the first day of physical therapy on my New Hip that's right I had my right hip replaced.The surgery was very easy-that's because I had the best surgeon on the east coast possible--Dr.Goldman--has hands of GOLD--on the day of my operation he had 6--that's right--6 surgical suits going at the same time-he was like a bumble bee flitting from one person to the other just cutting out hip joints and putting in new ones---the nurse told me I was #6 and he had 6 more to do-Wow-the recovery is not bad either-mine is two months old now and in about another month I expect to be pain free- ok on to something of a happier and more fun note---I have been working on new pieces for the up coming shows--I sent in my application and now I (like everyone else)waits to see if I got in to my first choices--I hope so--I have been making some really nice bracelets and scarves also hats--don't you just love hats--I do! Here are a few of the new pieces-Let me know what you think-I really would like some comments- Toodles Cynthia
 This is a hand painted by me charmuese silk scarf. I used the gutta resist method with fiber reactive dyes and then steam set the colors. It is about 15" x 72" long. The background is a robins egg blue and the motif is of fantasy flowers. The scarf is so silky soft and wonderful next to the body. It is for sale in my etsy store--www.Cynthiaandcompanyltd--- also visit my web site to see all that I have.
The scarf is $175.
The other two pictures are close ups of the same scarf.

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