Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year

It's January 3-Sunday night-10pm and all is quiet and Very cold outside-Happy New Year to everyone-My wish for you all is that this new year finds the World a little more tolerant of each other-I hope we can find a way of accepting each other for who and what we are-to not make judgements on each other and to treat each other as we would like to be treated-sounds good-but I guess we are only human(most of us)and coveting what others have is to be expected-not the way to go but no one ever said this was the perfect world-any way I am going to try and do what I can with my small part-I am not making any new years resolutions so I won't be unhappy when I break one of them-that's like setting myself up to fail-Ok so what is new in the fiber world-I am working on some new spring looks for the shows I hope to get into-I will be using Sinamay and Banana fiber to create some really interesting hat-I love hat-and I am so glad that wearing hats is coming back into vogue-I will also have some new jewelry created with the Japanese braiding technique called Kumihimo-you use bobbins wrapped with string that has beads strung on them-then they are attached to a round loom and you weave the beads and string into lovely bracelets and necklaces-I am going to photograph them tomorrow and put some of them up so you can see-maybe some of you will go to your craft store and have a go at it--
How was your Christmas-mine was very nice since my daughter was here with her husband-it was nice to have everyone together-I recently had my hip replaced so I was moving slow but I still managed to get dinner cooked and presents wrapped-One of the guys we know- who doesn't have any family at all- was going to be alone on this special day so we invited him to have dinner and be a part of our family if only for the day-New Year's Eve was the usual crowd at my restaurant-I never make it to see the ball drop in Time Square-this year though I was on the computer buying crochet cotton to make a skirt for my daughter-I found a beautiful picture of a skirt made by a Russian woman-it was very nice but of course there were no direction on how to make it ----sooooo I will have to try and figure it out for myself-I will post a picture of the skirt here and you can see how really nice it is-The Russians are such fabulous crocheters and felters but they don't give good directions--in crochet it is mostly a chart if anything and reading a chart with all the symbols is very difficult for me. Well I guess that's all for now--post those jewelry pieces tomorrow. Well I tried to upload the skirt picture but for some reason it won't post so I will have to try again tomorrow,
So it is January 4th now and I am going to try to upload the skirt picture and I also want to say Happy Anniversary to my beautiful daughter Suzette and her husband Brian-I love you both!!!!

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