Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Busy Day

I have been busy the last 6 hours taking pictures of the new work and updating my Instagram, Facebook and Etsy store-I am tired but I wanted to show a couple of picture of the work tonight-I should say this morning since it is 1 am on Thursday and I still have to do the menu for the restaurant-It is Robert Burns Birthday on Monday-You know the Scotish Poet-it's all about the Haggis and Scotch Egg-yes they are on the menu for this weekend-along with Sweed Kettle(Salmon), bashed tatties and neeps(mashed potatoes and mashed turnips)(really quite good) also McKlintock's Lamb Stew, and we have a very special bag pipper Dan Hodge who will be pipping the Haggis in on Monday the 25th of January and Vince Capano will read the Ode to the Haggis-it's quite a show-----anyway back to the new pieces-all are available on my etsy store--
Swarovski Blue Pearl Necklace

Ice Blue Crystal with pearls and silver square beads

Teal Fresh Water Pearl with Turquoise beads

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