Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Hat

Hi everyone-I am not happy now--I was bidding on a hat block on ebay and was sure to win it but the deadline was today a 4pm-I forgot and didn't put any extra bidding power with ebay and of course I was busy with other things when the time was running out soooooo I lost the bid-Poop-I really wanted that block but it was my own fault-well anyway I am almost finished with this NEW HAT I am making out of turquoise sinamay --it is going to be so beautiful I might not want to sell it. Will photo it tomorrow and let you all see it-I prefer to work with felt but my next choice would be sinamay, then silk, than abbacca. All hats are beautiful and so are the women that wear them-so if you want to be beautiful wear a hat- all heads will turn as you enter the room-I promise. Well back to work and see you tomorrow.

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