Thursday, December 4, 2014

So I know it's been a long time since I wrote but yes I have an excuse-I was heavy into the holiday craft show I had lined up and it was busy there-it takes a lot to set a show up and then you have several days you have to be there but it is worth it. My shows are over now and I will take a short break and then I have to start to prepare for the Spring shows-It looks like I will be doing about 30 shows this next year-Wow-I will be doing some traveling-Tennessee, California, , New York State, Virginia and Maryland. I ordered 5 new hat block molds from England and am so excited to get them-I have 3 new cloche brim molds and a great wide brim for a very special occasion -Like the Kentucky Derby-I am going to create some of the very best hats I have EVER made-keep a close watch to my facebook page to see whats new( Cynthia and Company Ltd.)Don't forget to like my page-thank you in advance for that.
This is just a peek at what's to come! Like it-Midnight blue merino wool felted into a cloche shape-Lime green and black feathers with a crystal broach .Stunning .
This one is really beautiful-Black and turquoise merino wool is felted into an extended cloche-embellished with black silk chiffon, peacock feathers and a crystal broach. That is enough to wet your appetite and keep you coming back. Enough for now - time to get some sleep and start fresh tomorrow-I will spend the whole day working on HATS - love it!!!!!

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