Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Babies At Play

It's been a little while since I last wrote to you all but I have been so busy. You can't imagine how much time kittens take up. Really it's like having babies-they eat, they poop, they sleep and they want to play. I think I have found really good homes for two of them and am working on getting forever homes for the other two. I guess I am very selective as to where I place them. After all I went through the time, effort not to leave out the money and I want to make sure they will get homes where they are truly loved. That means an adult home(no kids). It's not that I am against kids, but these little guys are babies them selves and need attention. They are not toys to amuse a child. Well enough of that. I also would like them to be inside cats. Ones that are not allowed to roam the neighborhood and get hurt or sick. I have an inside cat and she stays inside the house always-climate controlled and everything-she has a good life. But even though that is what I want for them it is ultimately the right of the new parents to decide-I can only hope I choose the right parents for them. I know you all think I am the crazy cat lady-maybe I am- So I have gotten into the Morristown craft show in October and I am excited.I will be my first fall holiday show and -well- I hope the people like my hats and handbags. I also plan to bring scarves, earrings and headbands. Wish me luck! I am sending a video of the kitten at play. So until the next few days go by I will write again and show you some of the new items.

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