Thursday, September 4, 2014

Was it the right decision

Now you see I have been feeding the feral cats that come to my back door for about 6 years now-yes your are right-I have created a monster. More and more cats come-it's like they put up a sign on a tree that said"go to the Cat Ladies house for dinner". I keep feeding them and I trap them and get them "FIXED" then I let them go. There is one bitch I can't catch-she is too smart and she keeps getting pregnant and so there are more and more babies-They are a problem because as soon as they can eat food she brings them to the LUNCH WAGON-my house and now I have more-it seems like the story goes on and on-Well now I have another problem-since I put food out for the cats at night the raccoons have found the CAT LADIES house and they also stop by for a meal-I HATE RACCOONS- so now I have been trapping them and my husband takes them to the forest far away from our home and lets them go-Back to the point of the right decision-This bitch had another litter of 4 kitten-2 week ago I saw her laying in front of the shed nursing and playing with the 4 kittens-a week later she stopped feeding two of them and only took care of the other two. The two she stopped feeding found their way up the stairs to the food that was on the deck-they started living under my grill-they were small enough to get through the bottom panel so they could be inside the grill where we keep the charcoal-any way I was afraid that the raccoons would kill them so I caught them and brought them to the vet-she said they were about 6 weeks old but very under weight-they had flees and worms-eaten from the inside and the outside-disgusting-so she gave them medicine and I brought them home-now I am cat momma! They are eating, drinking and using the litter box-Yes-now about the other two-the vet told me to capture them also so they will have a chance to get adopted and have a forever home-so I did-that was not easy-they were living in a wood pile in the back yard and I was afraid that if I moved the wood the wrong way it could tumble like a house of cards-the first one was no problem-I picked it up by the back of the neck like the vet showed me-but the other one was hissing and trying to scratch me-what a job I had-of course I was wearing a thick leather glove but I still wasn't sure it could not bit through the glove-now you have to know that they are so small they don't weight more than .8 of a pound-that's what about 14 oz.-not much bigger than a large burger-so anyway I wasn't going to let a little squirt like that beat me so-Yes-I finally got him or her and now they are going to the vet tomorrow-I'm not sure that taking the other two kitten was the right decision-yes I could have left things alone and she would have taken care of them-(why she abandoned the first two I don't know-so I was saving their lives and they are so sweet)but then they would have been wild-wild cats don't have a long life span and they are constantly fighting the elements and hunger not to mention all the dangers the night brings with raccoons and dogs-so I have to keep reminding myself you have done the right thing in giving these small lives the chance at a forever home-to be spoiled and loved and cared for like every living thing deserves-They will be better off in the long run. So there-I have answered my own question-now I must find loving homes for 4 beautiful kittens before they steal my heart even more and I wind up with 5 cat in my house-I already have one very spoiled one and she doesn't share well-thanks for listening-maybe I can get a picture of them and post it tomorrow. Till then Goodnight all!!!!!

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