Saturday, December 12, 2015

New Work

Ok-so I know it's been a long time since I last wrote and I don't have a good excuse except that life has gotten in the way so many times-I think I have a little of the s.... worked out and I promise to make regular posts from now on. That said I am excited that a new year is upon us-2016-did I say 2016-I can't believe how fast time goes-I have been working hard to get my new work ready for the craft shows-Spring of 2016 will be an awesome time-I have designed new felt jackets, sinamay hats, beautiful scarves, beaded bracelets and some  beautiful copper necklaces done in repousse and embellished with crystals and beads. Each time I post I will try to give you a peak at something new-When I get my show schedule together I will post it so you can come and visit in person-If you can't come I will have items on my etsy store(www.cynthiaandcolimited/etsy/.com) and on a new site which is Here is the first posts:
Lavender felt earring with purple beads $22
Lemon yellow felt earrings with orange tips and yellow beads $22
Lime green felt earrings with seafoam and dark green beads $22

Rust colored felt earrings with turquoise beads $22

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