Friday, September 15, 2017

It is midnight here on the east coast and I just got home from work-the restaurant was a little busier today and I am hopeful that this is an upward trend-I guess only time will tell-I never was very good at waiting games-especially the kind when you're 5 months pregnant and can't wait for this to BE OVER-hell that really was a waiting game and I didn't do well there either-of course there wasn't much I could do about that-well anyway I hope the trend is upward-A funny thing happened tonight-well not really a funny ha ha thing-A guy that worked for me for a loooong time (15 yrs), a guy that I treated like my own son, helped his family through a lot of tough times, you get the picture-left to start his own restaurant-I told him it was very different working in a restaurant than owning and operating one on your own-you are then responsible for the day to day workings and problems-he didn't believe me and said he had to try and help his son open their own restaurant-I could understand how he felt so I wished him well-after he opened his restaurant I found out he was taking pictures of all of my recipes with his cell phone and when I saw the menu he had on line is was as if he copied my menu using all of my stuff right down to the exact way he worded the menu options-well I was livid and wanted to scratch his eyes out and feed them to the vultures(we don't have vultures here)anyway I was MAD-but there was nothing I could do but pray karma would visit him-I waited 2 long years and then it happened-HE WENT OUT OF BUSINESS-lost his shirt and is in deep debt-getting back to the not so funny thing that happened-my husband said that he wouldn't be surprised if(let's call him Jack)showed up at the back door and asked for his job back-well let me tell you I said I couldn't believe JACK would have the BALLS to do that-well the not so funny thing is that JACK the jackass showed up at the back door of the restaurant tonight and asked for his job back-fortunately I was not there(I was taking care of customers in the dinning room) so he spoke to my son-now I have to decide if I want to give him another chance(to shaft me again) or tell him to hit the road-I don't know-I have always been a pushover for a sad story-always felt the need to help people-maybe he just made a mistake and didn't think about what he was doing and then again maybe he is just a THIEF-my mother used to say "once burnt twice cautious" or "don't trust a fox in the chicken coop"-anyway I can't trust him-so that's the answer-HIT THE ROAD for him. On a happier note I finished the new page for my website   the page is the
Hats For Cats page-now I will be able to sell the hats on the etsy store(hopefully) 
I am tired now and I still have to update the Etsy store with a few new hats and I also have to put a post on my facebook page
So good night for now and let's see what new and EXCITING thing tomorrow brings-later Cynthia 

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